Tuesday, October 9, 2007

This is Jake, my dog. Actually I have three dogs. But this one is particularly funny, as you can see. This photo was taken after he ate the head off of a Barbie doll. That fuzz hanging under his chin is Barbie's hair. Poor Barbie.

Jake occasionally goes on notary jobs with me. When it is a quick job, Jake comes and sits in the car guarding stuff. He loves to ride in the car and frequently sticks his head out the window so that his ears fly through the air. When he wants the window rolled down, Jake hits the glass once with his paw and then looks my way to make sure I got the message. He always wants the window down at traffic lights. In that situation, Jake closely examines the car stopped just next to us. It is quite clear he likes to gaze at women. He leans so far out of the window and stares without a flinch. He waits for someone to say "how cute you are". This is particularly so when he is wearing his goggles. Just a funny guy.

We got him several years ago at the Camarillo Animal Shelter. They said he had been there a while. He looked old because of his part Bassett/English Bull Dog pretzel legs. Actually he was only a year old. But it seemed that nobody wanted him because of his physical presence. Wow did others miss out! He is so smart...and bossy. He's really a pain around the house as he gets into everything. We have considered doggie ADHD. Two years ago on the 4th of July, he ate a one pound box of Ghiradelli Brownie Mix. He got so sick, his heart nearly stopped. We had to rush him to Caring Hands Veterinary Hospital. Dr. Koss had to pump his stomach and various other procedures. Nearly $1000 of procedures. It was quite scary. But within a few days he was back to normal looking for more dangerous things to eat. It is difficult keeping him away from things as he is very fast and quite smart.

However on the road he really shines. He is a frequent shopper at Home Depot, Office Depot, Best Buy, etc. When we get to the store, he stands on his hind legs preparing to be picked up to be placed in the shopping cart. While shopping, he just sits in the cart waiting for someone to shower him with attention. He looks to play the roll of king. Jake gets more attention than I do, but that's OK. He makes everyone laugh and that's his specialty.